Who We Are

Durha Agro is a business trying to face the toughest challenge of our generation: how to provide food for the rising population, sustainably. We have been developing innovative crop solutions with our world class science in order to transform crops to enable millions of growers to make better use of available resources.

We are well positioned to meet the needs of a growing world and our produce has been catering to agricultural customers worldwide.

We are trying to address six critical challenges the world faces to achieve food security. Our business – and the world’s food security – depend on sustainable natural resources, healthy ecosystems and thriving rural communities.

Which is why we cooperate with industry partners, governments and NGOs to support the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our Corporate Governance is aligned with international standards and practice and helps us achieve not only our business objectives, but also helps create value to society that is demonstrated by our strong environmental and social performance.

Our Strategy

Feeding a growing population is one of the world’s greatest opportunities and one of its greatest challenges. Our vision is to be the leading global integrated ag solutions provider. Durha Agro’s sustainability strategy complements our corporate strategy by providing key enablers for organizational success and bringing our purpose to life.

Bread field, harvesting, sunny day
Agriculture scientist making notes


At Durha Agro, we believe sustainability can only be achieved with strong foundations. The fundamental systems from which we will grow our company are sound governance, responsiveness to stakeholders, and a respect for ethics  and human rights. In building relationships and trust around our company, we focus on responsibility in our supply chain and safety throughout our operations.

Help shape the future of agriculture

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